Cycling by George Bicycle Repair Labor Fees (parts additional)


Wheel, Tire and Tube


Replace Tube (wheel only)


Replace Tube (on the bike)


Mounting a new tire

Same as above

Repack a Rear Hub


Rebuild a Freehub


Repack a Front Hub


Rebuild a Coaster Brake Hub


Rebuild of most other type of Internal Gear Hubs

$45.00 per hour

Brakes, Mechanical Disc and Caliper

Adjust Front or Rear Brake


Install new Brake Cable


Install new Brake Pads

$10.00 (per wheel)

Gears, and Derailleurs

Adjust Derailleur

$10.00 (Ft. or R)

Install Derailleur Cable & Housing

$15.00 (Ft. or R)

Install new Cogset


Install new Chain


Align Rear Derailleur Hanger


Clean & Lube Chain (on bike)


Clean Drive Train (remove & dip)


Replace Derailleur

$20.00 (Ft. or R)

Bottom Bracket and Headset

Adjust Bottom Bracket (old style)


Repack Bottom Bracket


Remove and Re-install Cartridge


Install new Bottom Bracket


Adjust Headset


Adjust Aheadset


Repack Headset or Aheadset


Replace Headset or Aheadset


Install new Fork

$40.00 plus fork

Accessory Installation

Install Bar-ends


Install Rear Rack


Install Child Seat


Install Fenders (full)


Install Mirror


Tape Handlebars

$10.00 (tape not included)



Install Bafang Mid-Drive e-assist

$150.00 labor only



Tune-up or Overhaul (Request Estimate for Tricycle)


Bicycle Tune-up

$110.00 plus parts

Complete Overhaul

$200.00 plus parts